EFFECTIVE: Leadership Development Cohort
A LIVE quarterly group cohort to find Clarity, Courage, and Consistency.
Thursday 8-10MST: Jan 25-March 14  
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An effective leader is someone who is healthy, self-aware, and working with the
grain of their gifting at a sustainable pace.

The Challenge

Leadership is challenging, complex and pressurized. In order to make the shift from a striving mindset to an abiding mindset leaders must develop 10 core skills
This requires new awareness, new information, new processes to practice over an extended period of time, new tools to cement learning and a like-minded community to grow with.

The Solution

We created a 8 week group coaching journey where leaders learn and practice “The 10 Core Skills of EFFECTIVE Leadership”.

During this group coaching journey you will learn and practice the 10 core skills of effective leadership from Alan Briggs and the Stay Forth team. Leaders may attend alone but it is HIGHLY encouraged to attend with
your team, your spouse or your friends for maximum impact.
What Other's are saying
This cohort was a game changer for me! The Stay Forth vision for Clarity, Courage and Consistency resonated deeply and moved me forward in unexpected ways. 
Johnny, Business Leader 

This cohort allows a personal reflection of who you are, who you are designed to be, the potential of combining both and equipping you to take steps forward toward a more fulfilling life.  
Traci, Church Leader

This cohort offers wise counsel, practical tools, and fruitful discussion to help you become a healthier and more effective leader. 
David, NonProfit Leader

This is a worthwhile investment in yourself and ultimately in those you lead.  
Joe, Business and Nonprofit Leader 

We want to help you become the best leader you can be. A leader equipped to produce the highest amount of change possible through your life and leadership.
is identifying the truth and the next step.
is taking that next step.
is building a rhythm of taking this next step.
What to expect
An 8 week journey with a strategic that helps leaders shift from striving to abiding through new awareness, new actions, new processes and new tools in a new community.

  • 2 hour weekly coaching sessions (part teaching, discussion and tools)  
  • Strategic group coaching unpacking 10 core leadership skills
  • This will take place between January 23rd - March 14th with an approachable schedule.
  • A group learning environment with other like hearted leaders
What you get
Leaders learn, practice and cement “The Core Skills of EFFECTIVE Leadership”. Leaders may attend alone but it is HIGHLY encouraged to attend with your team, your spouse or your friends for maximum impact. 
  • A Right Side up Journal
  • A written briefing on each of the 10 core skills
  • A next steps application video from Alan weekly
  • A one-on-one Breakthrough Coaching session
  • 10 Stay Forth Tools
  • “Effective Leaders Assessment” with feedback and action steps from your results
  • Regular live coaching with Alan Briggs and others.
Thursday 8-10MST: Jan 25-March 14 
  • Session 1: Intro to the journey, and skill 1 EFFECTIVE leadership skill: Discerning between identity and impact
  • Session 2: EFFECTIVE leadership skill: Paying attention to your drains and fills
  • ​Session 3: EFFECTIVE Leadership skill: Discerning your leadership season
  • ​Session 4:  EFFECTIVE leadership skill: Prioritizing what's best and holding boundaries
  • Session 5: EFFECTIVE leadership skill: Gaining appropriate control
  • Session 6:  EFFECTIVE leadership skill: Communicating from context, with clarity
  • ​Session 7:  EFFECTIVE leadership skill: Leading from your design, at your capacity
  • ​Session 8: EFFECTIVE leadership skill #8: Taking next steps and reassessing regularly
  • $1200 per per group of 4 or more
  • $275 per individual
Stay Forth